1. ASLR


  • RIP, RBP, RSP(instruction pointer, base pointer, stack pointer)
    • Pointers are 8-bytes wyde
  • Maximum address size of 0x00007FFFFFFFFFFF

The objective of a buffer overflow attack is to calculate the $RIP offset and change it by injecting a memory address pointing to our shellcode.


When develoing buffers overflows on modern systems, it is important to understand ASLR.

  • ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomizatin)
  • The ASLR is an exploit mitigation technique, which randomly moves certains areas of an executable program.
  • introduced into linux kernel 2.6.12 in 2005
  • Linux ASLR can be configured though /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space. The following values are supported:
    • 0 - No randomization. Everything is static. :)
    • 1 - Conservative randomization (mmap base, stack and VDSO)
    • 2 - Full Randomization (also enables heap randomization) ## Configure randomize_va_space ### How to disable ASLR temporarily (system-wide)
       # method one
       echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space
       # method two
       sysctl -w kernel.randomize_va_space=0

      ### How to disable ASLR locally for specific program This involves manipulating personality flags with the setarch command. ```bash # disable ASLR for specific program setarch ‘uname -m’ -R /tmp/mybinary

# disable ASLR on a new shell in addition to all child processesstarted from said shell setarch ‘uname -m’ -R /bin/bash

  - The `-R` option disables the randomization of the virtual address space by turning on ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE. This allows programs to disable ASLR and run without any randomization
  - Keep in mind that compilers also have protection mechanisms. Use the following to disable stack protection during compilation:
  gcc -fno-stack-protector -z execstack -o myprogram myprogram.c
  • 'fno-stack-protector compiles without stack canaries
  • -z execstack allows you to execute code on the stack

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